April 02, 2013

Jacksonville Fashion Week 2013

My love for fashion and want to further my career in the fashion world persuaded me to volunteer for Jacksonville Fashion Week 2013. I volunteered 4 days and a estimated 30 hours. I absolutely loved it. It was a amazing experience and I met so many successful people in the fashion field. It really reminded me of my love for fashion and the business and has really motivated me to follow my dreams of being a designer that I've had since I was a child. But First I'm going to start with being a stylist. I really do have a great eye for fashion and a talent for making a women look and feel good.

We are all made to be different, I'm not going to try and make you something that you're not. I want to help you discover the BEST YOU!
I have so much motivation and goals in my head it's hard for me to sleep at night. I'm also working with some fellow stylist and PR's and photographer. I'm going to stop procrastinating on my Blog and will be posting a new blog once or twice a week.

My favorite event was the final night which was the Featured Designers Runway Event. I assisted Lisa Kaminski and her stylist Argie Mitra. We organized the wardrobe, prepped the models, Changed the models and checked all details to make sure they looked perfect before walking out onto the runway.

I'm going to start booking for Stylist Services from:

~Color Analysis

~Outfit Coordination

~Wardrobe Updating and Closet Sweeps

~Travel planning/packing

~Complete Make over with help of some amazing Make up artist and Hairstylist.

~Video or Photo Shoot on set Stylist

~Personal Shopper

If you are interested please contact me via email RebeccaC.Stylist@gmail.com

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