December 03, 2012

Fashion is being Outrageous

It's not text book rules going on in fashion right now its expressing yourself and your own love for fashion. Pieces to a outfit don't have to match perfectly. Show some Skin and add some sparkles.

Between work and not having the time to go out on the town once a week like I used to I have found dressing up just for errands is a great way to feel great and sexy. No one ever said you have to wear jeans in flip flops to get the job done. You really do dress for the life you want and it sad to say but also the respect and value people will place in you. But when you love fashion it's not any of that, it's just the simple fact that you love putting outfits together, expressing yourself and looking great! I don't know any female that doesn't want to look their best. One of the easiest ways is with our wardrobe. Then is health and make up!! I'm going to start talking about those issues in future post.

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