April 11, 2013

Spring into Stripes

So a few weeks ago I saw this black and white Vertical striped Maxi skirt in the window of one of my favorite stores at my local mall. I planned on going in the store later to buy it. Then we got in a hurry So my boyfriend went to get the car and I said I was going to run in and buy the skirt and meet him outside of the neverest exit. I grabbed it and got in line. While I was standing there I realized it was going to take to long and decided to put it down and I would get it later. My boyfriend teased me about it and said it looked like a referee and I would look like I worked at Footlocker. Of course he was being dramatic.. So it was within a week mine friend came in town from Boca Raton and had the very same skirt. It was aggravating (lol) I was like I was going to get that same skirt. I felt like everyone thought I was lying.

Moral of the story if A piece really grabs your attention don't wait to get it.

When wearing Stripes to careful not to look like a Clown or Freddy Krueger!! Also try and avoid the $5 Walmart shirt look...


Be smart and think simple and classy or simple and sexy.


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