August 29, 2012

Product Shout Out!! Moroccanoil©

Sometimes I second guess which styles or products to post about because I'm sure some people will be like duh I already knew about that one but at the same time I'm sure there are plenty of people it would be beneficial to so I'll post old and new products as long as They are amazing at what they do!!

I believe The Moroccanoil© entire Line is Amazing but to cut straight to it and if you can't afford the whole line. It would be a smart move to invest in a bottle of Moroccanoil© treatment. They large bottle (100ml) retails for around $47 but it will last a long time. I use it once a week, leave it on for a few hours then wash my hair and I see a noticeable difference in the texture and strength of my hair!! I absolutely love this product.

Please feel free to leave a comment on this post or any of my post about products or styles you like!! After all US THE PEOPLE MAKE THE FASHION TRENDS!! <3

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