May 01, 2013

Product Shout Out!! Nail Optimizer ©

For natural long hard nails Nail Optimizer by Prolana works great. Nail Optimizer will optimize the natural beauty of your nails with a protein and calcium enriched formula. You will have healthy and attractive nails without the need for artifical tips and wraps. Nail Optimizer blends six different types of collagen, gelatin and protein at the right levels that will end splitting, dry, peeling and weak nails. My nails are strong, clear and healthy. I have only used the yellow label Nail Optimizer, there are a few different nail treatments by Prolana. I would like to test out the New Opitmax if anyone has used it please write a review and let us know it you were satisfied with it!!

You can purchase Nail Optimizer at high end Spas, and

If you didn't know, now you know! :)

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